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Ce guide n'est pas de moi je ferait la trad plus tard ^^

Revelation a écrit:Guild War in Age of Wulin can be difficult to understand. This guide will shed some light on what to do during Age of Wulin Guild War.

The Basics

Let’s talk first about the different sides. There are two sides in guild war, the attackers and the defenders. The attackers are the guild that declares war on the other and is trying to takeover their opponent’s territory, while the defenders are the ones who accept the war declaration and are trying to defend the territory they have. The attacking guild’s main job is to complete all of the objectives listed in the Guild War Task Bar in the 1 hour and 20 minute time limit, while the Defenders job is to stop them and run the time out. If you look below you can see the list of all the things you need to do if you’re on the attacking side of the guild war. All the defenders need to do is stall, so winning a war is always much harder for the attacking side then the defending side:

Complete Objectives First, Always Fight Last

Now you're probably wondering what all those objectives are and how to do them. We’ll get to that in a moment but before that I’d really like to stress this because it’s extremely important. GUILD WAR IS REALLY AN INSTANCE!! Lots of people go into wars thinking it’s about the fighting and killing tons of players. THAT’S WRONG! PKING THE OTHER SIDE DOES NOTHING TO DIRECTLY HELP WIN! The only way for the attackers to win the guild war is to complete the objectives in the 1 hour and 20 minute time limit. What’s the point? All fighting in guild war is really just stalling.

During guild wars maps are oriented as such. We will be using this map with cardinal directions DESPITE what the minimap says.
[Guide] GvG (Revelation guild guide) 300px-GWMap
[Guide] GvG (Revelation guild guide) 500px-Underground_oreintation

T - Teleport buildings. Main Hall, SummerHouse, Righteous Gathering Hall, Treasury Room
X - Defender spawn points
X - Attacker Spawn points
Y - Throne
P - Pillars
BOX - Closed Doors
BOX - Open Doors
S - Stone Lions

Defenders can enter at 19h00. Attackers can enter at 19h30. If you are not there early you may not be able to get in.

[Guide] GvG (Revelation guild guide) Gw01

Group organization

Swarm (red): The zerg. The core of the war effort.
Bucketsquad (blue): Mostly new guys with buckets for defense.
Platoon: Small, mobile, reactionary force comprised of high levels.
Allies: They will run outside of our raids.

Consumables list

Food: Steamed Buns
Medicine: 2 min hp pills, arena pills (from the arena rewards npc)
Torches (attacking): From the sneak attack npc outside of guild halls. You need many.
Buckets (defending): From guild defense npc. Buy one, lasts for 3 days.

[Guide] GvG (Revelation guild guide) Guildmap1

Guild War Strategies


Attackers have only 3 requirements. Kill 3 stone lions around the training field, burn a teleport building and go underground, and capture the throne in one of the 4 outer rooms.

Burn Buildings: All
Destroy Beam Columns: 4/4
Destroy Stone Lions: 3/3
Kidnap Maids: 14/14
The North Gate: Closed
The West Gate: Closed
The South Gate: Closed
The East Gate: Closed
Throne: Intact

So how do you do all these tasks? Lets go through them one by one.

1. Burning Buildings
This is only for bonus points and do not help taking the land after battle. It may open a secret door underground. If the building has a teleport point, it will let the attackers use the teleport point instead of the defenders. For now, the only building with a teleport is the main hall and as such it's a critical defense point.
Members of the attacking guild can burn their opponents buildings by using torches. Everyone needs to buy a ton of torches before war. You can get them from the Surprise Attack Guild Admin. How much are they? The best ones are 20 Liang bound ea, and you should only buy the best. The price may not seem like that much but since you can only spend 360L bound per day, it can actually get pretty expensive.

If you’re on the poorer side and want to buy using only bound, the best method is to buy several over a long period, like 10 per day for 10 days. However, you’re probably going to need to spend taels if you want to get a lot right before a guild war. Every person should have at least 50 in their inventory before war. Also remember the torch is a task item so it’s placed in your task bag, not your regular items bag (task bag is the slot on the right side of your inventory).

To burn a building just stand right in front of it and right click your torch. Then you’ll start doing the throwing motion. Make sure your close enough to the building. Also the more you throw the faster the building burns, so throw them over and over again. In guild war you want to burn all the buildings down. The main buildings to burn are the council hall, the main hall, the treasury, and the library. The map will show what buildings are burning or intact. The ones flashing red are on fire while the ones that are green are intact. Make sure to target all the green intact buildings!

2. Destroy the 4 Beam Columns

So there are 4 beams that are at the corners of each area of the base. The top left, the top right, the bottom left, and the bottom right. Unfortunately, they don’t show up on the map but if you go to the regions of the base that there at, you can’t miss them. You destroy them by simply attacking them. The guarding side will most likely try to use Area of Enemy Users in the area to scare people out. This is a very important thing to remember. IT’S BETTER TO DIE ATTACKING THEN TO STAY ALIVE WHILE NOT ATTACKING! Yeah, I know sounds like I’m just trying to tell people to be courageous, but there’s more to it than that. If you back up, most likely the rest of the group will to and like stated before, all guild war fighting is really just stalling. If you back away while attacking, you’ll stop doing damage and the beam will stay intact. While if you just keep attacking until you die, you’ll keep inflicting damage on the beam which will eventually make it break!

Also players get instantly revived in Guild War! You just respawn right in front of the base fully healed! So it’s ALWAYS better to die doing as much damage as you can to the BEAM (not the other guild) then it is to back away and make the group slow down. Now don’t get me wrong, if you have time to sit in a corner and heal then do that but remember, GUILD WAR IS AN INSTANCE, the main goal is to complete all the goals, not fight the other players or npcs. ALWAYS avoid fighting as much as you can, and try to complete a goal like destroying the columns. The last thing that should be noted is that the columns should always be attacked before the stone lions, because they weaken the lions; another thing the attacking guild needs to destroy.

3. Destroy the 3 Stone Lions

So before attacking the stone lions, the columns should already be destroyed so that there easier to break. The stone lions are very similar to how the stone beams are in that they need to be attacked to be destroyed. Each stone lion is located in front of a building. Unfortunately they don’t show up on the map either. The left one is in front of the first building on the left side of the base. The second stone lion is located at the first building on the right side of the base. The final one is located in front of the main hall which is the big building in the back.

Like the Beams, the attacking side needs to attack without backing up to kill the lion. However, they have more hp and they regenerate hp! That’s why when attacking stone lions you really have to push at it! If not the attacking side won’t be able to do damage fast enough to kill it. All the attacking sides forces should start attacking them one by one. But it needs to be done together, all the members of the attacking side need to attack one stone lion at the same time. That way there will be to many members for the defending side to stop and the stone lion also won’t recover fast enough. Once again, ALWAYS BE WILLING TO DIE OVER STOPPING AN ATTACK BY BACKING UP!!! Damage output is the most important thing. Our goal isn’t to attack the players or guard npcs, but to attack the stone lion itself!

4. Kidnapping Maids

So any attacking guild needs to kidnap 14 of the defending side’s maids. You can do it by attking the maid npc until it’s at 0 hp, and then just selecting the option to kidnap by clicking on the npc and then right clicking its portrait. After choosing Kidnap, you should then run with the maid until you get outside to the stables in front of the base. If you get her to the stables then the stagecoach will take her and the job is done. Players on the opposing side can attack you to stop the kidnapping, and you have reduced speed while kidnapping maids.

5. Claiming the 4 Teleport Gates

So in the objective’s list you see 4 items. North Gate, South Gate, East Gate, and West Gate closed. These are teleports to the underground part of the guild base (they look exactly the teleports used to enter another town, scene, etc.). First thing you’re probably thinking Is what underground part? During guild wars, a special underground area is added to the territory grounds. This area is where the throne is, something that will need to claimed to finally win. Getting to the throne is always the last part of guild war, so we’re getting a little ahead of things. The throne is always underground and a room is selected by the defending guild leader at the start of the war. So the attacking side has to get down there so they can find it. See where this is going? The teleport gates are the only way to get down to the underground part of base. However, the attacking side can’t use the teleport gates until there opened. So how do you open them? Burn down the building adjacent to where the gate is. Then the teleport will be usable for the attacking guild. Now it can get confusing as to what buildings need to be burned to open the gates, so the better policy is to burn all buildings. Why? Usually the enemy will try to put out all the fires rather than just the ones that allow the teleport gates to open. Which means the attacking side will have more time to get through the gates and get to the throne. The gates are located in 4 different areas; however, only 3 can be used by the attacking side once buildings are burned. The Mail Hall, the Treasury, the Righteous Gathering area, and the Cool Pavilion (refer to maps). The cool pavilion can’t be taken no matter what buildings are burned, but the others are fair game. So make sure your throwing torches on every building you see.

6. The Throne

The single most important objective that all the others having been leading up to is claiming the throne! After successfully doing everything else, then should all the members charge to the teleport points. This spawns after the 3 lions are destroyed. There is a wooden throne underground before that, but this is not the throne. It takes about 1.5 minutes to capture. The Main Hall is usually pretty well guarded by the defenders but if you go to the Treasury there will usually be less protection. Everyone should try going through the same point because it will be harder to prevent people from using the teleport gate. Once you’re down In the underground part of the base the search begins! The throne is in one of the four rooms and you have to find it and claim it before any enemy can pk you and stop you. All the members of the attacking side should split up into a 50/50 force here, one group going left and the other going right. This way you can cover more ground and find the throne faster. Once the throne is claimed if all the other objectives are done then congratulations, you just won the war!


Defenders only have to hold out for the entire fight and not lose their throne.

Extinguishing Fires: This is worth bonus points and prevents a building from being burned. You will need a bucket to do this, so buy one before the battle.
Protecting Maids: This isn't worth shit.

Fall Back Positions: We will start at the chokepoint near the main gate and fall back to the north most stone lion.
Countering Flanking Maneuvers: Most flanking will be dealt with by the roaming high levels at this stage
Underground Defense: We use the throne room chokepoint and do not yield.

Breaking through that bullshit choke point right outside the throne room

This is something we need to figure out how to do! The throne room has a very narrow doorway leading into a tiny room that, when sufficiently layered with AoE attacks, stuns, and slows, has proven nearly impossible to overcome no matter how many players we field. Getting defenders out of it is like pulling teeth, and they have only a short Goose Step through the constantly clipping horde of goons to return to it. If anyone has any suggestions please put them here!

Horse rushes -- Everyone rushes past the AoE deathfield on horseback, using jumps to get past. This is something we've tried numerous times with somewhat limited success. Requires the people rushing to dismount once they get inside though this is usually done in the air to avoid the long animation.

Massive group pushes -- Flinging a good 80-90 goons at the chokepoint in the hopes that at least a few get through. Even when using max-level Golden Buddha Aura, this has almost never worked as the enemy's Scholars/Shaolin will use their mass AoE/CC abilities the moment they see a culling horde of goons come rushing at them; furthermore, whenever this fails we lose our position right outside the door and need to recapture it.

Tangmen + Royal Guards killing defenders from the safety of the hallway outside the door -- The royal guards pull people out of the doorway and kill them while the Tangmen spam projectiles, hopefully reducing the number of players inside. This seemed to work when we tried it but the strategy is heavily dependent on the ability of the rest of the horde to keep reinforcements from returning to the room as they are picked off, which is easier said than done considering how swole most of our opponents are.

Staggered pushes -- Throwing one raid of goons into the deathtrap, waiting a few seconds so the defenders blow all their AoE/CC abilities on the first wave, then charging in with the second raid and attempting to filter towards the walls of the room. We actually had a lot of success with this in the first throne room fight with Magnum-Opus as the culling works to our advantage here; where the enemy starts rendering one wave of goons, the second remains invisible for a few seconds so they can't tell how many are truly in the room.

Wudang Breeze Sword spam -- This worked pretty nicely as a way to push them away from their door, allowing us to close the gap some more to let more royal guards pull them out. The issue we had last night is that even with doing ridiculous damage there was one or two of their defenders with so much regen that it didn't do a thing if it was just one person doing it. I think this, combined with the Royal Guard first internal (-100% health regen when you attack a guy, though I don't know the criteria, like does it need you to hit them multiple times or what?) will be a very viable way to push them back into a condensed group, which can then be combined with the Staggered thing mentioned above.

Scholar Spin Situation -- The big issue with MO is 90% of them seem to be scholars, and since the spin is uninterruptable and doesn't suffer from the usual AOE limits as far as I can tell (not to mention I don't even think you can parry it) this will always kill our lower level characters and leave even the higher ones that manage to dash out of the area low on health. I don't know enough about scholars to know the limitations of this attack. I suppose a decent thing we could try is feint with a rush to get them to start spinning, maybe sacrifice a couple of lowbies to the grinder, then get our numerous WV members to rush in and spam all their shock skills and knockback. If this hits enough targets, it's got a pretty reasonable chance of leaving them shut down for a couple of seconds which might be what we need to get the rest of our knockups (shaolin/beggars i'm looking at you) into the mix.

A note on scholar spin, it's a 5 second aoe where we can't block with a 15 second cooldown. The best way to counter it is to get them to blow it on people that don't matter, because if it's down those scholars won't be doing any aoe damage at all for 10 seconds. Also since we can only move and not block or use flying skills, ranged attacks can do wonders, but they just hide behind the walls and spin through them, which we can counter with wv dropping their poison on the walls themselves. -bauxite

Goosestep -- One Goosestep gets you into the corner of the killing box, a second goosestep will bring you to the safety of the wall and goosestep seems to be immune to the smoke clouds/aoe CC's if timed right. Tangmen and Royal Guard can use this to great success to Goosestep to the side and DPS the scholars that are hiding behind the front wall. A co-ordinated group of high leveled players could easily Goosestep in and around in the space of about 2-3 seconds and find a space to cause havoc. (Magnum Opus seem to be great at spamming attacks behind a wall but we did not see them break off and deal with other threats until people started dying.

Beggar Time, Fun Time -- Using the Beggar's ability to get them drunk to slow their reflexes and hamper their coordination. Hopefully this will cause them to stagger out into the open so we can pull them and murder them.

Honestly the best strategy seems to be having the entire raid group up on a single spot, then you send a single person in to make them blow all their aoes, and then everyone rushes in a second after that guy dies. The grouping up like the cart horse hydra tactic prevents the enemy from focus firing, uses culling to the maximum benefit, and gets everyone into the fight at the same moment their aoes are on cooldown.

Guild War Class Strategies

This section will list strats that each class should take advantage of during a guild war. Less to do with straight damage and more with crowd and area control.

Blissfull Valley

You have no health, you will die over and over again if you get caught in the AOE fields, as such you should focus on two skills, Heart-Biting and Bone-Piercing, and Lightning Speed Strike and let other players deal with sitting in AOE fields.

All BV should have Heart-Biting and Bone-Piercing[HBBP] (poison aoe skill) in the Bone Corrosion Palm skill set at level 4 or 5. When the skill gets increased it increases the damage and reduces the cooldown. The poison aoe is useful because anyone who runs through it will get stunned. This skill is key in holding door ways and tight choke points from the enemy. If you stagger the area of them with multiple wanderers you can create a zone of death that will stop anyone from getting through.

Your Lightning Speed Strike[LSS] is also important, by jumping and pressing your LSS key once, you can que up the "range" mode for it and use it while on the ground while in this mode the LSS has greater range than the HBBP and will knock back enemies from choke points and stop them from doing things for a second. At level 4 HBBP you really only miss two or three seconds of throwing a poison cloud if you throw LSS's so really there's no point in not judiciously using both.

Note: Occasionally people with fast horses will be able to run through the poison field without getting stunned.

Don't let this talk of being made of glass dishearten you though, even though you tend to die in AOE fields you still out put an insanely high amount of damage and disruption if you can make it behind a group unseen and unhurt. So sometimes taking risks is a good thing to try every now and again.


You can play an Emei multiple ways and be pretty effective.

Key skills:

- Buddha's Golden Aura: Rage skill, PBAoE buff that, at level 5, gives 75% damage reduction for 12 few seconds to all adjacent allies. Past level 4, cooldown is shorter than duration so it can be applied continuously given sufficient rage generation.
- Meridian Breaking: Rage skill, PBAoE damage to all adjacent enemies as well as healing to all adjacent allies; requires dagger.
- Far and Removed: Parry skill that grants one or more rage points with each block depending on level. +2 rage per parry at level 4, +2-3 randomly at level 5.
- Buddhist Heart Subdues The Devil: Powerful, spammable 20 range projectile with a stacking 20% slow. Very high damage (~300-350 a hit) at level 5, takes 36 internal force per attack though.
- Loathesome Cloud and Rain: AoE melee stun, instant cast from the air; requires twin dagger.

Internal skills:

- Emei Stilt Walking (First internal): rounded, if somewhat mediocre stats but AMAZING 70% external/90% internal damage reduction when blocking, only works at level 36. Excellent for spamming rage generation with Far and Removed.
- Five Talisman Manual (Second internal): fantastic offensive stats, kind of bad accuracy though. Great for glass cannon strategies if you have accuracy buffs from music.

Stuff you can do:

If you like playing more offensive from range, Buddhist Heart Subdues The Devil is great in all combat and the slow is really useful to dooming cocky assholes to their death at the hands of a hundred slow-reacting goons. Sit at a safe distance or climb up a wall and spam it and murder people! I like using second internal with this setup as you're usually ignored from a distance with your fairly inconspicuous attack animation and the damage gets retarded with the tons of extra Breath; however, if you're having trouble hitting people, consider switching to first internal for the extra accuracy.

You can also be a tanky/group healy supportive brawler keeping the other melee alive and kicking out some decent damage. Use the first internal for the great block bonuses and use maxed Far and Removed as your parry, which grants you one or more rage points with each block. Sit at the frontlines/within a hostile AoE circle and continuously block (Don't try to tank scholar spin2win, it can't be blocked) or use dagger skills when you have an opening. With this impressive rage generation, you can use Meridian Breaking whenever it's off cooldown to heavily damage nearby enemies while healing all nearby players. If you feel like making yourself and your allies significantly tankier instead of healing, you can use Buddha's Golden Aura instead.

Departing Sting Manual skills are also amazing in melee range, though it can be hard to survive long enough to get enough stacks of parting sorrow to murder everyone you see without the healing afforded by Meridian Breaking or the constant damage reduction from spammed Buddha's Golden Aura. Departing Sting Manual gets Loathesome Cloud and Rain as a really quick and powerful AoE stun, which has obvious benefit in the zergfests of guild wars. These skills are also extremely powerful in 1v1/small harassment situations where you'll be fighting in melee range, so if you're extinguishing/starting fires alone they can be good to roll with.

Another thing you can do is be a really annoying motherfucker at the enemy's spawn and keep reinforcements out of the fight by constantly slowing people and knocking them over and generally being obnoxious to kill or get around. Use Holding Sand Against The Current as your parry and spam Buddhist Heart Subdues The Devil for the slowdown. If people try to run past you while they're slowed, run over to them and knock them over with Auspicious Beginning; this requires some prediction of where they'll be going as the windup is so slow, but isn't terribly difficult if you've landed two or three slows on them. If they try using Step Across The Cloud to get past you, knock them out of the air and onto the ground with Intrepid Spirit, them spam some more Buddhist Heart Subdues The Devil while they're getting up or knock them over again with Auspicious Beginning (it still causes knockdown when they're already on the ground). You don't want to kill people so much as just keep them tied up while the rest of the swarm burns shit to the ground, and the more twinked-out your target the better the effect of keeping him out of the fight. When people inevitably get pissed and try to murder you, parry their hits to slow them down, Goose Step/Jump Across The Cloud away, and pepper them with more Buddhist Heart Subdues The Devil; people can get a hilarious 80-90% movespeed reduction when they try to kill you like this and you can just keep kiting them until they give up.


When preparing for the guild war. Make sure you have enough darts and bullets to last you the battle. It's always good to have an extra stack of darts even if they're just store bought ones, otherwise you may end up standing ineffectively in the back line. Tangmen may not seem like they can contribute much during the guild war due to a lack of AOE abilities but the ones they do have are pretty impressive.

In addition, one of the first skills you should consider maxing out for Guild War is Hiding Track, the smoke AOE from the third skill set. At max level, this gives anyone in the circle a 40% dodge and a 55% attack buff, not to mention that it damages enemies and disables their flying abilities. By taking this to the max level, you can easily increase your contribution to the war effort even if you are extremely low leveled.

During the war itself, there are numerous ways you can contribute. Since Tangmen have great ranged abilities, you should be on the walls and roofs of the various buildings either using darts to pick off stragglers or placing the smoke AOE to buff the raid's damage when they're attacking the lions. Being on the roof and sides of buildings also means that you can also throw torches and burn things without enemy interference.

Once you are inside the inner sanctum, make sure you keep up with the rest of the raid instead of hanging at the back spamming darts. Your initial job should simply be to run up, put down the smoke AOE, spam your block breaker and die. Once you are inside the throne room, you need to either hide in a corner or on the side of the wall and spam darts at enemies with low health or use the smoke AOE to block access to the room.

Beggar's Sect

Key abilities: Submerge the Lotus, Blooming Everywhere, Green Lotus.

Important note: Always have high amounts of lotus chi. Spam Submerge the Lotus during lulls in combat.

Beggars specialize in control. Lotus Palm will be your bread and butter in guild war. Your job is to tangle up enemy forces so the rest of your allies can come in and tear them to pieces. Your job is minimize enemy mobility. Nothing pisses off someone more than being locked out of combat while being torn to pieces. Most of your abilities are very useful but require close range. Beggars are somewhat durable, but don't rely on it too much. Mobility is key. Having Goose Step is super important and makes things easier. Dart into areas of contention, utilize Submerge the Lotus and/or Blooming Everywhere, and quickly dash out. You will learn your limits with more war-time under your belt. Higher level Beggars are clearly more effective due to being able to take more hits. Also create no-fly zones with Green Lotus. This helps stop brave enemies who try to breach our lines via air-dash.

Specific roles:

Choke point defense: Poison fields & Scholar spins will be the damage component to this kind of defense. Your job is to prevent blockade runners from getting past and disrupting our forces. Enemy air-dashing through your lines? Punish them! Green Lotus. Enemy charging through your lines on horseback or on foot? Submerge the Lotus. Enemies clumping together? Blooming Everywhere. Push them back & disrupt their clump. Disruption & control.

Choke point offense: Enemy blockading and we need to get through? You have two options. Sturdy Beggars with Goose Step can dart in and out of the enemy clump and use Blooming Everywhere & Submerge the Lotus to quickly disrupt the enemy lines; hopefully it will create holes in their defense for our forces to punch through. Leadership can utilize Beggars & Shaolin in tandem to absolutely wreck enemy lines - if this happens be careful not to use Blooming Everywhere and knock people out of the Shaolin's knock-up-spin. You won't be doing much Green Lotus here because diving into an enemy clump to smash someone into the ground is a death wish. If the enemy lines are too thick for you to poke then utilize Lotus Blooming from the Fire with chi stacks to do AOE ranged damage.


Tangmen or other ranged attacks on walls? Get up there and knock them off with Blooming Everywhere.
Clumps of enemies too strong for you to poke? Use Lotus Blooming from the Fire with Lotus Chi stacks for ranged AOE damage.
General 1v1 tip: In a fight with someone who uses Goose Step and is hard to suplex? Run up a wall. When they chase you up the wall Green Lotus them.
Crying Stick is okay, but no where as useful as Lotus Palm. If you want to be a drunkard go ahead and experiment. One strategy is to quickly Goose Step into enemy lines, spray wine, and dash out. Might be useful for smashing blockades, but the animation is so long that it can be deadly for the Beggar. Perhaps something we can try in the future, but not confident in it as a viable strategy at the moment.


Key abilities: Sakyamuni Comes To Earth, Myriad Buddhas Return, Boundless Dharma, Split Earth Asunder.

As a Shaolin you are the king of stuns. Either by straight stuns or by lifting with Myriad Buddhas Return and Boundless Dharma. The Long Style Boxing combo can shut down any character continuously. Work with Beggars (a beggar using the Lotus Palm set and a shaolin running Bhodidharma's Stick working together is almost unbeatable), Royal Guards, and other Shaolin to keep people constantly stuck in the air, venerable to Beggar, Scholar, Wudang, and Emei air attacks and skill locked. Unless you are going one on one with someone you should be stunning.

Specific roles:

Choke point defense: You can use Bhodidharma's Stick or Long Style Boxing here depending on what you're currently defending.

If you're defending the actual choke point use Bhodidharma's Stick and Sakyamuni Comes To Earth to stun groups of attackers, then pop Myriad Buddhas Return and use your rage, Boundless Dharma as often as possible.
If your on the edges catching people who break through then use Long Style Boxing and the Fleeing Steps Steal The Heart -> Feint Step Intercepts Elbow - > Split Earth Asunder -> Advance To Land A Blow combo to keep individual enemies locked down and unable to act while our Tangmen, Scholars, and Emei cut them to ribbons.

Choke point offense:

Bhodidharma's Stick is your best friend here. Open with Sakyamuni Comes To Earth then pop Myriad Buddhas Return and if you're still standing use your rage, Boundless Dharma, for a huge knock-up and more importantly a attack/flying skill disable. A couple of Shaolin doing this in a row will seriously damage any defense. Also remember to use your feint whenever you see someone blocking since a broken block will stun enemies withing three meters.
If you can't seem to land Sakyamuni Comes To Earth due to other Shaolin doing their spin to win in the choke point then switch to Long Style Boxing and suicide in to the pile and use Split Earth Asunder. You won't have a good follow up, but all it takes is one hole for other goons to exploit.Dragon Soars Over the Plain can also be used, but also suffers from a lack of a good followup.


If you're not stunning be spinning. Anyone who gets in the air for any reason will be stuck there until your spin ends effectively stunning them and with enough people it's unlikely they'll get another chance to to anything before dying.
Use your Bhodidharma's Stick feint whenever you see an opening. A short cooldown, combined with an AOE stun on a block break gives this attack a lot of utility though you may have trouble stunning multiple enemies unless attacking a tight choke point.


I'll do a quick list of pros and cons for guild wars, it'll make some of the later stuff really easy to see, and even to figure out better stuff for yourselves.

- Spin 2 win is the greatest aoe move in the game, with tons of damage and immunity to knock ups, stuns, and shocks, although it does have its drawbacks
- Boundless sword has some really great buffs, buffs which are raid-wide, that have some really awesome features to them, details later.
- Leisure kick is amazing for the small scale skirmishes, and makes you viable for any demands a given situation will make of you.

- While we're spinning, we can't block or use flight skills, making us particularly vulnerable to focus fired ranged attacks.
- While spin is down we're relatively helpless, since it'll have another 10 seconds before we can spin again.
- We're pretty squishy, and our aoe requires us to charge into a choke if we're on offense. This will end in you dying a lot.

And here's a really quick write up of what each style brings to guild wars specifically.

Falling Flower Sword
- Spin to win
- Flight skill disables, which can help with spawn camping

Leisure Kick
- Fantastic for small scale skirmishes
- You can RP being a world cup goalie by kicking runners back into the quivering goon mass when we spawn camp them

Boundless Sword
- Ranged block break and flight disables, also great for spawn camps
- Amazing raid buffs. Like, really fucking amazing.

Spin to win is really really easy to figure out, jump into them and start spinning. I'd recommend you let them blow their own aoe load on other people, then you jump in so that your spin is worth a damn, but that's your prerogative and up to the overall strat. If you're jumping in, don't bother to do plum blossom when you land, because you will probably die before you can start spinning. Turning the ground while is a really big target you paint on yourself, and they won't hesitate to do CC aoe where you are and spin on top of you to shut you down first.

Beyond spinning to win, you should be able to swap to boundless sword and turn on drop in the ocean before any push starts. We have a LOT of people, and adding even a little damage to their hits can make a huge difference in how successful that charge is. You can just leave it ticking while you're spinning, because let's face it: you're gonna die before you actually run out of internal force. The most successful spins I usually get off are to use drop in the ocean, run in spinning, then if I get enough rage from that spin I'll go back to boundless sword and pop my ult before dying.. Your falling flower sword rage move is fantastic in 1v1, but it's basically worthless in this situation. The boundless sword rage skill, though, is amazing for mass pvp like this. If you are running out of things to level up, I would highly recommend that you level both drop in the ocean and pierce the sky in rage to 5. Drop in the ocean doesn't take any more internal force at 5 than it does at one, it's always 1% per second, and the rage move, like all rage moves, doesn't gain more cost as you level it, only damage.

Basically Scholars, you are the SUICIDE SPINNERS. GO in SPIN, DIE, RESPAWN, Prevent the enemies from entering the portals and getting into the lower levels.

Additional Facts

There are a couple of things that you should do both before war and after.

Things to Get Before War: Make sure you’re fully stocked on heals, food buffs, poison buffs, prayers, and torches. All we’ll be need to successfully win. Also the best kind of buffs and poisons to get, are the ones that increase your external defense extremely high, since you’ll be just taking dmg all the time so you can complete the goals rather than stop to fight.

Things to Remembers During the War: When in doubt, follow your team leader or at the very least another of your own guild. Completely lost and don’t know what to do? Just go to where you see 100 of your members gathering at. Their probably completing an objective so just copy what there doing. Also there is an item called the Cloud Gathering Arrow. Only a guild leader of the attacking side can use it. Basically its like a flare and it signals right above the place its used. If you see one of those go up then come to that spot, that’s the leader signaling all the members to come there. Also you should be using team chats to communicate with your group. However, your guild leader will make announcements using guild chat and on-screen announcements. Make sure to pay attention to those since there orders on what the attacking side should do at that moment. A good policy for any guild member to have during war is to use team chat, but to check guild chat once every 5 minutes to see if the leader put up any new announcements. However, don’t post in guild chat because that will cause flooding and the leader needs that chat open to make announcements.
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