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Message par Melinelia le Sam 9 Nov - 10:14

schéma lien entre les metier

Tailor, Blacksmith, Craftman
These are producers, they make Weapons/Clothes/Jewelry for others
Basically, you take materials (gather them yourself or buy from market) then create pieces to sell.
If you like staying in town, buying/selling and making stuffs, pick one from here
Point to Note:
- Craftman produce Lace, Hasp, Handles for Smith and Tailor
- Tailor produces Guazhou and other cloth used by Craftman
- Jobs are linked, so you cannot simply survive alone.
Herbalist, Poisoner
These are roaming traveling type, primarily, they require going out to hunt for herbs or poison.
If you like roaming around, moving to different places, this is for you
Point to Note:
- Herbalist needs Tailor friend/s for stuffs to make upgrading materials
- Poisoner needs Craftman friend/s to make Poison stones and other stuffs

Everyone needs food.... almost, but nobody is going to pay a leg, not even a toe, for food.
Being self-sufficient is easy, but making lots of money is hard.
Selling cheap things that move fast, that is chef, I like it, but am not sure about you.
Point to Note:
- You are self-sufficient, you don't need friends, only need customers  
- Easiest to do, Most profitable
- Herbalist need Chinese Yam, Garlic
- Tailor need Silkworms, Hemp, Ramie
- Chef need all sorts of funny stuffs.... I usually plant my own, so no comments

- Most mined products are in demand.... Iron, Copper, Lead, Silver
- Even funny things you get from Mining sells, Dendrite, Moire Stones, Obsidian

- Tailors need Skins (Goat Skin, Dog Skin, Monkey Skin... etc)
- I buy smashed meat from boars

- Fish Scales sells

Wood Cutting:
- Craftman uses these to make handles
- Blacksmith, Some weapons use wood


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